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Build-to-Suit Lease

Build-to-Suit Lease
6 Months Ended
Jun. 30, 2017
Leases Operating [Abstract]  
Build-to-Suit Lease


In December 2015, the Company entered into a long-term property lease which includes construction by the lessor of a building with approximately 41,400 square feet of space, in Richmond, California. Substantial completion of the building was accomplished in December 2016, at which time the lease commenced. The lease agreement expires in December 2021, five years after substantial completion of the building. The Company has two options to extend the lease term for up to a combined additional ten years.

The Company is deemed, for accounting purposes only, to be the owner of the entire project including the building shell, even though it is not the legal owner. In connection with the Company’s accounting for this transaction, the Company capitalized the costs of construction as a build-to-suit property within property and equipment, net, and recognize a corresponding build-to-suit lease obligation for the same amount. As of June 30, 2017, $3.8 million of costs were capitalized in buildings with a corresponding build-to-suit lease obligation recognized related to this lease.

Construction has completed on the facility and as such a portion of the monthly lease payment is allocated to land rent and recorded as an operating lease expense and the non-interest portion of the amortized lease payments to the landlord related to the rent of the building is applied to reduce the build-to-suit lease obligation.